Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Techouse, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") believes that protecting the personal information of those using our services (hereinafter referred to as "our services") is an important social responsibility for our company.
In order to fulfill this responsibility, the Company has established the following privacy policy and is making it known to our directors and employees and to related parties. We will continuously work to protect personal information while monitoring for changes in social demands.

Motoyuki IsobePresident and Representative Director

1. Collection, use, and provision of personal information

The Company shall properly acquire, use, and supply the user and employee personal information used in each of our businesses to the extent necessary to achieve specified purposes. The Company will obtain prior consent when using personal information which is considered not relevant to said purposes.

2. Laws, guidelines, and standards regarding personal information

The Company will comply with the laws and ordinances and other standards set by the government regarding personal information.

3. Safe management of personal information

The Company will take reasonable preventative and corrective measures against unlawful access to or leakage, loss, damage, or alteration of personal information.

4. Complaints and inquiries regarding personal information

The Company will immediately treat any complaints or inquiries regarding personal information.

5. Initiatives to protect personal information

The Company will continually review and revise our initiatives to appropriately protect personal information.

For inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact:

Techouse, Inc.
Privacy Representative

Date of enactment: July 20, 2022

Handling of Personal Information on This Site

Please read the following to find out how the Company handles personal information for use in each of the services we provide.

1. Company handling the personal information

Techouse, Inc.

2. Purpose of using personal information

  • ・ For responding to any inquiries we receive
  • ・ For contacting customers in order to provide any services requested of us
  • ・ For creating statistical and/or analytical data by processing information in a way that does not enable identifying individuals
  • ・ Any personal information submitted on our Careers page will be used in the hiring and selection processes (including for hiring-related personnel planning, policy formulation, analysis and review for the purpose of implementing policies, actual implementation of said policies, etc.).
  • ・ To provide these services and any other services offered by the Company aside from those listed above

3. Handling of activity history using cookie and localStorage information

(1) Cookie and localStorage information

The Company uses cookie and localStorage information to ascertain what pages the visitors to our site have viewed, how long they spent on the site, and other aspects of their activity history.
The activity history information we collect is used to protect visitors' privacy, improve convenience, optimize the effectiveness of advertisements, and understand how our site is being used. This data is anonymous and does not contain personal information such as names, addresses, or dates of birth.

(2) Access analysis

We use Google Analytics to analyze how our site is being used.
Google Analytics uses cookie information to gather information on users.
Visit the Google Analytics Privacy & Terms page ( to see information related to their Terms of Service.

4. Outsourcing of personal information processing

The Company may outsource some or all of the treatment of its personal information upon taking measures to ensure it is protected.