We Develop.

Create yet undiscovered valuefor the world each day.Keep growingto make it a better place tomorrow.

A place where people gather.
A place where value is created.

A place where technically skilled and passionate
people gather.
A place creating yet unseen value for society.Techouse is a place like no other.


Solving the issues of the times through businesses.

New issues emerge as society changes.
One by one, we create businesses that solve these issues by continuously changing ourselves and not adhering to any specific business domain.


CloudHouse Recruitment

CloudHouse Recruitment is our all-in-one custom DX cloud system for recruiting employees that streamlines web design, advertising, and management.

CloudHouse Workforce

CloudHouse Workforce is our customizable DX cloud system that streamlines HR workflows and takes them paperless.

JobHouse Factory

JobHouse Factory is the recruitment platform boasting the most job offers in the factory and manufacturing fields.


JEEK is a long-term internship search site offering new opportunities and values for students and businesses.


CodeStudy was the first service in Japan that enabled beginners to study programming, right from their browsers. (Closed in 2012)


PocketCareer was a job search app where students could talk with career advisors about concerns during their job hunt. (Closed in 2015)


JobHouse was an automatic recruiting management system for businesses. (Closed in 2017)


FruitHouse was a service that gave the same fruits used in 5-star hotels to companies' employees as benefits. (Closed in 2019)

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A place where people gather.
A place where value is created.

We take on the issues of the times without narrowing our focus to specific businesses.
Join us at Techouse, and we'll take on these issues together.