Tech lead engineer

Job summary

Our company is currently promoting two HR domain businesses, that is, “Cloud House” and “Job House.” In fiscal 2021, although the COVID-19 pandemic was going around, they grew about 300% compared to last year.” While our engineering organization currently consists of ten engineers, our company aims to expand the organization which would consist of 30 engineers. On the one hand, our company wants not to merely expand its engineering organization but to expand it while strengthening its engineering capability. Therefore, our company would like to recruit a technical lead who can actively play a leading role in enhancing the quality and quantity of the engineering organization.

Required expertise/experience
  • You have designed/developed/operated web applications (for not less than 3 years), You have developed applications with “Ruby” and “Ruby on Rails,” (Or, otherwise you have developed applications with other object-oriented languages and web frameworks) You have experience in solving technical problems, You have worked with a development team using “Git,” You have experience in code reviewing, You have experience and knowledge in data modeling, You have expertise to verbalize and communicate design philosophy, design intent and technical direction, You have strength in computer languages/frameworks/databases/network architectures and other technical areas and You have knowledge of basic computer science.
Preferred expertise/experience
  • You have used “GRPC,” “REST API,” etc. for designing applications, You have used “AWS,” “GPC” and other platforms to construct/operate applications, You have experience in automating development using “Github Actions,” etc. You have experience in Agile software development, You have experience in Test-Driven Development, You have designed architectures, You have some qualifications (such as an information technology engineer qualification) or You have organized in-house training sessions, made presentations for conferences, etc. and contributed to OSSs
Application requirements

8000000~12000000 yen

Place of employment

main office
Tokyo, Minato Ward, 3-13-12 Mita, Mita MT Bld 5F

Employment status

Part time

Working hours

Regular working hours: 40 hours per week Flex time system: Workers determine opening and closing time. However, flex time: (opening) from 7:00 to 12:00 (closing) from 17:00 to 22:00 Core time: from (opening)12:00 to (closing)17:00 Rest periods:60 minutes Presences of overtime work :Yes

Probation period

For 3 months from the date of joining Techouse Inc.

Benefit package
  • Participation in training camp every quarter • Monthly debriefing session+social gathering • The company bears the conference and study membership fees • All-you-can-drink coffee ・ Water server ・ Sweets provided [Benefit packages for engineers] • You are free to use your personal AWS account for learning up to $100 per month. • The company will bear the cost of purchasing the technical book.Technical books with contents not related to business are also possible. • You can use your personal Github Account for business. • Learning during business hours and OSS contribution are possible • The company will subsidize the examination fee and maintenance fee for IT qualification examinations such as information processing engineer examination, AWS certification examination, CISSP, PMP, scrum master, etc. • Participation in programming training • Participation in database training